The entire process is detailed below. Click on the tabs to read through the instructions for each process.

Before you get started, we advise that you know whether or not you are eligible for free equipment by taking our eligibility survey.


To make the process as easy as possible, you should gather some information prior to beginning.

Ensure that you have the following ready:

  • A working email address that you can check regularly; all information for this program will come via email.
  • If you plan to accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, (SNAP):
    • Copy of the Social Security card of the person listed on the application
    • Copy of the driver's license of the of the person listed on the application
    • If you are applying as a nonprofit for the market - a copy of the 501(c) 3 determination letter from the IRS.
    • Any additional business licenses that you may have for your farm or market (as applicable; if you have none that is fine)

Regardless of whether you plan to get FREE equipment or if you will pay for your equipment:

  • Bank account information for the account where funds will be deposited when transactions occur
  • Ability to sign the contracts for processing transactions

Note that you will need a smart device that has iOs version 11.0+ for the application to work.

Take the eligibility assessment here if you do not know whether you qualify for the MarketLink grant.


Complete the USDA SNAP Retailer Application in order to receive your FNS number

To complete the USDA SNAP Retailer Application, you can:

  • Choose do it on your own: We have a detailed explanation of how you can do this; see below. USDA also has a page of resources for direct-marketing farmers (producers) / markets with information here.
  • Choose to have one of our Regional Representatives complete the application with you: We can even submit the application on your behalf through secure channels; you can schedule a time to chat with one of our Regional Representatives. Find a time that works for you here. Be sure to have all of the required documents handy during your appointment.

If you choose to complete it yourself, instructions are below:

  1. USDA Account Registration - you must set up an online account in order to submit an application for approval to FNS:
  2. After you setup an online account, you must then submit an application to get a FNS number:
    • Useful tips and documents:
      • USDA SNAP Application Guidance for Farmers Markets
      • Be sure to enter “NAFMNP” into the “Chain Store Number” field on the first page for your application to be flagged as part of the MarketLink program.
      • When you finish the application you will be able to print a copy of your application, which is a multiple page agreement. On the top of page 5 you will see your 7-digit FNS number. Be sure to write it down as you will not see it again once you leave the screen.
      • Sample PDF of the USDA application (note: you can only submit the application online)
      • If you have any questions, you can call the USDA SNAP Retailer Service Center at 877-823-4369.
    • After receiving confirmation that your account has been set up, use your UserID and Password that you set up in Step 1 to get to and fill out the application here: USDA SNAP Application Login
    • Select “Start a New Application” and complete the application
      • If you are a Direct Marketing Farmer, select "Store Application"
      • If you are a Farmers Market, select "Farmers Market Application"
    • Print out the Certification and Signature Page provided after you have submitted the application.
    • Collect all the following documents so that you have electronic versions:
      • Signed Certification and Signature page; Here’s a Sample USDA Signature and Certification Form but you will be able to download one for your application when you submit it.
      • Color copy of Valid Photo ID (such as a License or Passport) for all person(s) listed on the application
      • Copy of Social Security Number Card for all person(s) listed on the application
      • IF you have any Business Licenses to do business at that location you MUST also submit copy(ies) - if you do not have these then this does not apply
    • Submit documents via the online application by attaching your electronic files.

We've also created a SNAP Retailer Authorization Application Guide for those who prefer to view it offline.

If you are a farmer applying for your farm, download this version of the guide.

If you work for a farmers market or nonprofit applying for your market, download this version of the guide.


1. Complete the Novo DIa Group/TotilPay Application for Processing SNAP

Once you are an approved SNAP Authorized Retailer by the USDA, it’s time to set you up with a free one year subscription to Totilpay Go and Bluetooth card reader from NDG!

Firstly, let the MarketLink team know you've been approved and we will send an email with instructions and link to the Novo Dia Group/TotilPay application for processing snap, options for credit/debit processing, and eWIC (if applicable in your state).

If you'd like to get an idea of how the app and reader work together before signing up, check out this short video here.

In order to complete the application, you will need:

  • Your MarketLink number ("MLXXXX").
  • Your 7-digit FNS number and a copy of your SNAP Retailer Permit from USDA.
  • Basic information about your farm or market: name, address, mailing address, business structure, and email and phone number you check regularly.
  • Banking information from the account you would like the SNAP transactions to be deposited into: Bank name, routing number, account number, and a voided check.
  • Optional: Information to add credit/debit processing (see below for more details)

Once you submit the form, allow 1-2 days for processing, and then you will receive a Welcome email from Novo Dia Group/TotilPay Go with instructions on "activating" your account. Then in about another week or two, you will receive a shipping notification that your card reader is on its way with a FedEx tracking number. It's best to wait to download the TotilPay Go app until you have received the card reader and can follow activation instructions from start to finish.


2. Link up your other merchant account to accept credit and debit cards

In order to accept credit/debit payments, you’ll need to add an additional merchant account for processing transactions through Square or Worldpay. Linking Square with your TotilPay Go app helps streamline your transactions and sales reporting.


    If you choose Square, select “Square” as your credit/debit processor on the Novo Dia Group/Totilpay Go application and follow the instructions below:

    • If you have a Square account already, you will integrate your Square account into Totilpay Go after activation. For an instructional video on how to do this, click here.
    • Once your account is integrated, you will use your existing Square account and reader to process payments. To get an idea of what this looks like, click here for a short video or here for an infographic.
    • If you do not have a Square account, you will first need to create one and purchase a reader using the following instructions:
      • Sign up with Square
      • Purchase a Square reader
      • Once your Totilpay Go account is set up, you’ll integrate your new Square account into Totilpay Go. For an instructional video on how to do this, click here
      • Once your account is integrated, you will use your new Square account and reader to process payments. To get an idea of what this looks like, click here for a short video or here for an infographic.

    Costs: Square has no sign up fee or monthly subscription costs, they only charge per transaction: $0.10 + 2.6% of each sale.


    If you choose WorldPay, select “WorldPay” as your credit/debit processor on the Novo Dia Group/Totilpay Go application and follow the instructions below:

    • Once you submit the Novo Dia Group/Totilpay Go application, they will send you a Customer Processing Agreement (CPA) to set up your account; this agreement is for a three-year contract.
    • Unlike Square, you do not need to purchase an additional reader. With WorldPay, you're able to use your grant-funded bluetooth card reader to process both SNAP/EBT and credit/debit.

    Costs: WorldPay requires a three year contract at $199/year, plus $0.15 and 1.79% of each sale.


    Once your TotilPay Go account is approved and you’ve been shipped your Bluetooth card reader, you’re ready to activate your account and start accepting payments.

    Please note that you can expect to receive your equipment within 1-3 weeks. You will also receive an email notification from Novo Dia Group when your equipment has been shipped that will include a FedEx Tracking number.

      Here's how to activate your Totilpay Go account:

      1. If you're on this page, you should've received an email notification from Novo Dia Group requesting that you set up your account. In order to activate your device, you must sign in to this account.
      2. Install the TotilPayGo application on your smart device.
      3. Your equipment will come with step-by-step instructions on how to set up the reader
      4. Once you are set up with your account, you can use the TotilPayGo application to process transactions, create, and download reports.

      Training is available on setup and use of your machine. Schedule a training session with Novo Dia Group here.