Shipment & Setup of Equipment

After you have completed your Customer Processing Agreement (CPA), your merchant account will be set up by WorldPay.

WorldPay and the MarketLink team will then notify our software and equipment provider, Novo Dia Group, that your equipment should be shipped. You will receive a packet of information in the mail from WorldPay within about a week of your account being set up.

You will then receive an email from Novo Dia Group to set up your online account through Here's a short video of what you can expect:

What To Expect from Novo Dia Group on Vimeo.

After you receive your equipment, you can set it up using the Getting Started and Quick Reference documents that are included in the box, or you can schedule a training time with a member of our team.

Once the MobileMarket+ application is set up on your device, you can begin to accept payments.

Schedule Training