Updates related to the MarketLink program

2023 MarketLink Monthly

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The MarketLink handbook is updated!

All of your questions are answered in this comprehensive document. View our 2022 MarketLink Handbook here.

2022 MarketLink Monthly

We publish a newsletter each month with programmatic updates, employment opportunities, and upcoming events. Click here if you would like to sign up for our newsletter. Here are the published 2022 newsletters: January, February, March, Aril, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Online SNAP Press Release

National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs MarketLink Program Unveils Innovative Online SNAP Payments Solution. Read the press release here.

MarketLink New Program - Online SNAP Interest Survey

Complete the Online SNAP Interest Survey if you are interested in receiving news regarding the Online SNAP program rollout in 2022.

Información Disponible en Español

Ahora hay información sobre MarketLink disponible en Español. Clique aquí por el resumen de las tarifas de suscripción.

MarketLink Pricing Information

This summary sheet details what you receive with the grant and what it will cost you to continue using the TotilPay Go app after the end of the grant period.

MarketLink Handbook Released!

The MarketLink Handbook is now available - all of your questions are answered in this comprehensive document that can be found here.

MarketLink Flyer

Information on the MarketLink program can be found here.

New Digital Wallet for Farmers and Farmers Markets Unveiled at USDA Event in North Carolina

USDA Officials Hold Farmers Market Event to Showcase the MarketLink Program and Unveil a New “Digital” Wallet for Farmers and Farmers Markets; the press release is here.

MarketLink Applications Open

MarketLink announces applications are open for farmers markets and direct-marketing farmers to receive free SNAP processing equipment. More information here.

NAFMNP awarded Cooperative Agreement from USDA to provide SNAP equipment and technical assistance.

USDA has awarded a Cooperative Agreement to the National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs to assist with providing technical assistance and equipment for direct-marketing farmers and farmers markets to accept SNAP. More information here.