C&N Farms LLC - Industry, IL

"It is important for us to know where our food comes from and what goes into making our food. We raise all the livestock on our farm and sell retail cuts of meat at local Farmers’ Markets. Our goal is to keep prices at an affordable rate for all families. People are not expecting us to accept SNAP/EBT and are pleasantly surprised to find out we do accept it. Thank you for making it possible for us to reach all families despite their economic status."


Franklin Park Conservatory Farmers Market - Columbus, OH

"Our market mission is to provide access to healthy, affordable food, promote economic development and strengthen our relationship with our community. We are located in the city of Columbus and are in the middle of a food desert. Last year was my first year as market manager and the first year to use your equipment for EBT purchases. In addition to EBT, Ohio offers a matching incentive program called Produce Perks that we were able to offer. Produce Perks doubled the amount of fresh produce that our customers could purchase.

Our vendors were thrilled that we were able to offer EBT sales and I would say that it made a great difference in our community. Many customers were grateful for the opportunity to find fresh, whole foods right in their neighborhood." - Michele Bailey


Hawkfield Manor - Person County, NC

"We are Hawkfield Manor: A small family farm in rural North Carolina that sells wholesome, healthy food products to our local community and the Triangle Area. We have had an incredible experience working with Market Link, and we recommend them to all of our farming friends. There are so many of our customers that want to support their local farmers and producers, and accepting EBT cards has been an incredible opportunity for them to do just that while enjoying the nutritional benefits AND knowing their food has come from humane and regenerative practices.

We are excited for another year of being able to offer this to our customers, and work with Market Link. They couldn't be more helpful, available, or supportive!"


Hanalei Farmers Market - Hanalei, HI

"Hanalei Farmers' Market is a weekly market on the north shore of Kaua'i. This market is hosted by a 501(c)3 nonprofit community center started more that 27 years ago. There was a need for supporting and highlighting local farmers and being sure that local produce was available to the community. The SNAP/EBT program has allowed us to further support our community as we are the only market on this side of the island that is able to offer this program. The MarketLink SNAP/EBT equipment is easy to use, reliable and we now have a streamlined process." - Kaylee Kim


Kasama Farm - Hood River County, OR

"Having the MarketLink SNAP/EBT equipment has allowed us to be accessible to more members of our community at our farmer's market. I believe we were the only farm that accepted SNAP/EBT payment so a lot of folks thanked us for having that option be available to them. This year we will be able to also use the equipment to process monthly payments for CSA members. Working with MarketLink to get this setup was super easy!"