Documents & Information Needed

Make sure that you have all of this information gathered and ready.

General Information Needed for the Eligibility Assessment:

  • Working Email Address and phone number – this is how the MarketLink team will contact you
  • Basic information about you farm or farmers market, including: name, location of farm/market, mailing address, website and/or social media handles
  • If your farm or market is already authorized to accept SNAP with the USDA, its a good idea to locate your SNAP Retailer Permit and FNS number (if you need help locating this, contact us and we can help you out)
  • If your business is not yet authorized to accept SNAP with the USDA, see the section below for general requirements.

The requirements for the USDA SNAP Retailer Application can depend on how your business is structured. However, in general, these are the most common requirements:

  1. Information about your farm or market:
      1. Date the business opened under the current ownership or intended opening date if it is a new farm or market.
      2. Your business’ official name (the name you use on legal documents, such as leases, contracts, incorporation documents, etc.), mailing address, and address where the market is conducted (if different from the mailing address).
      3. Actual sales data from your business’ most recent IRS business tax return, if it has been open under current ownership longer than one year. If not, an estimate of the market's annual sales.
      4. Your business’ operating schedule (i.e., months of the year it is open, days of the week it is open, and hours of day it is open).
  2. Identify a Responsible Official(s) and have their name, home address, social security number, and date of birth handy. This person/people will need to provide their social security number and identification cards. Responsible officials may be an owner, corporate officer, board member, market manager, or person operating in a position of authority that can sign legal documents on behalf of the farm or market. You may have more than one Responsible Official; if there is more than one listed these documents are required for every person listed.
    1. Note: Farmers’ Markets applying as a government agency, 501c3 nonprofit organization, or a publicly owned corporation are exempt from providing their social security number.
  3. Collect all the following documents for each responsible officer(s) and scan them or take a photo of them so that you have electronic versions:
      1. Color copy of Valid Photo ID (such as a License or Passport) for all person(s) listed on the application (front and back if license is used)
      2. Copy of Social Security Number Card for all person(s) listed on the application. (see exemptions above).
      3. If you are applying as a nonprofit, a copy of the 501c3 determination letter from the IRS.
      4. IF you have any Business Licenses to do business at that location you MUST also submit a copy(ies) - if you do not have these then this does not apply to you.

    Note: Our Regional Representatives can complete the FNS application on your behalf and securely transmit your documents. If you’re interested in this option, click here to fill out the MarketLink Eligibility Assessment and you will get an automated email with instructions on how to set up an appointment. If you’ve already filled out the MarketLink Eligibility Assessment, email to set up an appointment.

    To complete the Novo Dia Group application to receive your grant funded one year subscription to Totilpay Go and free bluetooth card reader equipment, you will need:

    1. Your MarketLink approval number - the number you should receive when you apply for the MarketLink grant, sent in an automated email.
    2. Your FNS number and a copy your SNAP Retailer Permit (If you need help locating this, contact us at
    3. Basic information about your farm or market: name, address, mailing address, business structure, and contact information.
    4. Banking information from the account you would like the SNAP transactions to be deposited into: Bank name, routing number, account number, and a voided check.