Documents & Information Needed

Make sure that you have all of this information gathered and ready.

General Documents or Information Needed for the Eligibility Assessment:

  • Working Email Address – one that you check at least once a week.
  • Whether your farmers market meets the USDA definition of a multi-stall market or if you qualify as a direct-marketing farmer who sells in at least one farmers market where SNAP is not accepted.
  • Date of authorization to accept SNAP from USDA, if you have already obtained an FNS number.

To complete the USDA SNAP Retailer Application, you will need:

  • Copy or Scan of Drivers License or other Valid Government ID.
  • Copy or Scan of Social Security Card for the person(s) whose name(s) is(are) listed on the application.
  • Completed Certification and Signature Statement (that you will receive and can download after submitting application).
  • Any business licenses you may have for doing business at that location. [If you have business licenses this is required; if you do not have any then this is not required]

Note: our Regional Representatives can complete the FNS application on your behalf and securely transmit your documents. Schedule a time for Tiffany or Lauren to assist you here.

To complete your Processing application, you will need:

  • Bank Account number where you will receive the electronic payments from sales made.
  • A copy of your FNS approval to submit to Novo Dia Group.