Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if I am Eligible for FREE Equipment?

You will need to submit application (HERE) to confirm whether or not you are eligible for free equipment for your farmers market or farm. Once approved, you will be issued a MarketLink approval number that you can then use to submit your information to Novo Dia Group here for your free equipment.

How is MarketLink different from the USDA program offered through states?

MarketLink is different because USDA awarded a contract to the NAFMNP based on the best value for the agency as well as for direct-marketing farmers and farmers markets to provide a complete solution. MarketLink is working with states that received funding who may want to provide MarketLink as an option to their farmers and markets for SNAP acceptance.

Equipment options through the MarketLink™ program are available to any farmers market and direct marketing farmer across the country, whether they are eligible for free equipment or not.

What if I am not Eligible for FREE equipment?

You can still purchase MarketLink equipment.

You can purchase equipment (card reader & printer) to accept SNAP, credit & debit.

What is the deadline for me to apply for the MarketLink program?

There is no deadline to utilize MarketLink; however free equipment might only be available for a limited time.

For free equipment, the Farmers Market Coalition has funding until September 2016 or until all funds have been used, whichever comes first.

What information do I have to provide for the USDA application?

You will be asked to provide your full name, address, telephone number, email address, and which farmers market(s) that you intend to sell at for the season. You will also have to provide USDA with: a copy of drivers license or other photo ID, a copy of your Social Security card, and a signed Signature and Certification Form page which you will receive upon submission of your USDA application.

What if I need assistance with my USDA application?

You may call us at 443-212-8084 or email to request an appointment from a MarketLink team member to go through the application with you.

What transaction fees will I have to accept SNAP EBT, debit and credit cards all through one device?

If you choose a solution to accept all three types (SNAP+credit+debit), transaction fees will be 1.79% plus $.15/transaction for debit and credit sales, and $.15/transaction for SNAP sales. This applies whether you qualify for free equipment OR are purchasing equipment through MarketLink.

What transaction fees will I have to only accept debit and credit cards (without SNAP)?

If you choose to only accept credit + debit (no SNAP), then you have 2 options:

  • Option 1: Pay As You Go - Monthly Rate $0, swiped transactions are 2.55% + $.0 and keyed transactions are 2.75% + $.25
  • Option 2: Pay Monthly - Monthly Rate $15.95, swiped transactions are 1.65% + $.20 and keyed transactions are 2.55% + $.20